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Tech with Coach Kelly
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Series Q&A Moments with cheer and dance athletes making it work!
Get your technique correct with these series short clip from industry expert Shanna Kelly 
I Am A Cheerleader, And Here's Why I Take A Knee 
by Sasha Armbrester
Listen as a James Logan High School cheerleader from Union City, California says #Enough!
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Our Interview with...
Series Q&A Moments with cheer and dance athletes making it work!
HOLLA’! Cheer and Dance Magazine subscriber Azza Lamya Shabazz-Henry is an all around dedicated follower of #HOLLA’!  She is so dedicated, that when the editor was once delayed with the daily HOLLA’!s due to travel, she sent a direct message inquiring if everything was okay!  She is known on social media to be genuine with her support for every athlete who 
Azza Shabazz Henry
posts.  There is not a day that goes by where Azza is not posting to offer encouragement to others or sharing her progress in the sport.
A member of Gem Cheer Stars ICE XSS5 based out of Randolph, NJ., Azza has all- star roots with the wonderful Shahronda Rison of the Premier All Stars of NJ fame.  Azza is also a member of the power tumblers SHINE Tumblers of Orange, NJ as well as the recent winner of the Chassé Tumbling contest. 
Azza, is now preparing for another D2 Summit championship win.  With future goals to open a state of the art power tumbling /cheer gym in Newark, NJ, after obtaining her Master’s degree, she continues to amazingly balance her academics, volunteer duties and commitment to cheer and tumbling.
To know Azza is just to let her speak for herself. “Be kind to everyone. Be a leader  and work hard to achieve your goals.  Encourage others and always have a great spirit with passion for the sport you love and never ever let anyone tell you - You can’t.”
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Alayza Mitchell 
of Eastern Senior High School Lady Gems
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Renee Taylor
Phillip Ellington 
Series Q&A Moments with cheer and dance athletes making it work!
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 Your Season in Review
Studio A Dance Company
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Jessica Carmon
YouTube Series 
Graduating senior cheer athlete Jessica Carmon has a great YouTube series that takes a honest look at HBCU cheerleading at Xavier University. 
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But of all the competitions my favorite was the Aloha Championship in Hawaii. It was amazing!! I even got to fill in for our sister cheer team the Beverly Hills Tigers.

Out of the four seasons I’ve been cheering with LAX all Stars, this season was actually the best. Not only did I make the Junior Level 2 team, I was one of the main flyers, and my team finally got our own gym!! This season I was able to go from having just a back handspring to having a standing double back handspring, back handspring tuck, standing tuck, aerial, and 
punch front. I was able to go to the gym and work with my coaches every day.  Even though my team and I work very hard, sometimes we still make mistakes.  At JAMZ Nationals in Las Vegas we slipped up on Our Day 2 performance but we still got 2nd place.  The Palm Springs Duel in the Desert was probably the most challenging. We are up against so many teams and the arena is so big that I got overwhelmed.
A top 10 Team Athlete
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Reagan Roberts
of the DRC Diamonds from Charlotte, NC
Meet Aaliyah Sheman
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Reagan Roberts was first featured in HOLLA’! Cheer and Dance Magazine™ when she was just 7 years old.  She was an all-star dynamo on the cheer mat as a tumbler and flyer.  Now at the age of 12, she traded in her cheer gear a few years ago to pursue her journey into dance.  After completing this past season with the Charlotte Hornets Lil Stingers dance team, she will be spending her summer attending dance- intensive workshops and conventions. The recipient  
of many dance scholarships, Reagan is looking forward to going to Los Angeles, this summer to train with Will "WilldaBeast" Adams on a dance scholarship.

As she has immersed herself in the dance world, she does credit cheer for her high performance quality. She stated how her tumbling skills give her an advantage.  She also confesses that she has some challenges with dance as well that she continues to work hard to overcome. Those two challenges include continually trying to keep up with her technical skills and timing in conjunction with the musicality under-beat.

An avid admirer of choreographer and dancer Parris Goebel, Reagan admits that doing dance does allow her more time for family and friends.  As she made the difficult decision to leave cheer, she gives the following advice, “It’s okay to leave cheer. Dance is more fun and you have more opportunities with dance!”
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Pablo De La Hoya/Youth Radio
Photo Credit:
Donnell Don Dorsey
Danielle Dorsey
of Cheer Extreme - Maryland | Shade
I’m so happy we had more wins than losses.  To end our season, all of our teams received a bid to Summit.  LAX All Stars have never been to Summit and neither have I. I cannot wait to share this experience on the big stage. 
Photo Credit: E. Andrews
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Small Gym Symposium
From June 29-July 1, over 45 program coaches and directors were in attendance at the 4th Annual Small Gym Symposium.  Hosted by Michele Mauk Goff‎ of Infinite All Stars based out of Cary, NC., the FREE event was a platform specific for the needs and concerns of small cheer and dance programs.

After the Friday night meet and greet with various coaches, program directors, industry experts and event producers, the sessions and workshops were underway regarding many topics!

Check out our social media feeds to see images from this great event!
Valuable Opportunities & Information for Small Gyms
Callie Calicut
Callie Calicut has been an all-star athlete for over 10 years.  Cheering since the age of 4, she has decided that this past season will be her last, for now.  As a member of All-Star Revolution team Freedom, Callie did make it to her first USASF Cheer Worlds to compete in the small senior international level 5 division. Callie also has a love for running track. This year she decided she had to make a choice. She chose track.
However her mother, Victoria Calicut, admits she herself is burnt out. There is more to Callie’s choice that has been years in the making.  She feels that her daughter has been through mental torture as a talented all-star athlete, directly and indirectly.  As that torture brought out Callie’s strength, Ms. Calicut acknowledges that Callie is still only 14 years old. She shares, as Callie is also humble, she is quick to stand up for her greatest possession; her ethnicity. “When Callie joined All-Star Revolution, she told them that they had to allow her to wear her hair natural.  They told her it was not a problem.”  Ms. Calicut supports that both aspects of her humbleness and strength have evolved from the bias, favoritism and racial disparities that remain as particles in the all-star arena.
Read more in the 2018 Summer issue of  HOLLA'! Cheer and Dance Magazine.