2018 Winter Issue


  • On Pointe with dancer Morgan Cruise
  • Be inspired by Ashtyn Johnson of GymTyme All-Stars and her personal fight 
  • Fitness home stretch to get you moving
  • September - November 2018 HOLLA'! Stars and Lil HOLLA'!s
  • Celebrating YOU at HBCU Game Day
  • and more! 
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2018 Fall Issue

  • HBCU Spotlight 
  • Avoiding the Freshman 15 fitness and nutrition tips
  • Your Back to School Style, Tips and more
  • Back to School September Giveaway
  • June - August 2018 HOLLA'! Stars and Lil HOLLA'!s
  • Grown Folks Business: Coaches reveal their opinions about the cheer and dance industry
  • Hip Hop International Teaser Highlights!

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