2018 Winter Issue


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2019 Spring Issue

Annual All Male issue!  
An HBCU visit with Fort Valley   State University Cheerleaders    
Taking care of your mental   
 health for total athletic fitness      
Body Talk: With Your Face  
December 2018 - February 2019  
HOLLA'! Stars and Lil HOLLA'!s     
Celebrating YOU and your   competition action    

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  • On Pointe with dancer Morgan Cruise
  • Be inspired by Ashtyn Johnson of GymTyme All-Stars and her personal fight 
  • Fitness home stretch to get you moving
  • September - November 2018 HOLLA'! Stars and Lil HOLLA'!s
  • Celebrating YOU at HBCU Game Day
  • and more! 
  • Click the cover for a preview!